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Living costs in Ukraine

In order to live comfortably while you are in all over the Ukraine , the student will need to have about $USD1200 to US$ 1500 per year available for living costs, above the cost of your tuition. The cost of living is cheaper, lot more than other European cities. It is difficult to give a precise figure because of differences in the student lifestyle. We are giving approximate costs below


The stationary needed for student costs very low For example a bundle of 1000 rough papers costs 2 US$. Pen, Pencils other products are too cheap.


The text books are provided by University Library.


A good Jeans costs 10-20$US, Shirts cost 5-15$US, T-Shirts cost 5-12US$


Food here in Ukraine is very cheap for example; in 1.5US$ the student can buy 4 Kg of POTATOS, or 4 KG of ONIONS or 3 liter of milk etc. Milk products are very cheap as well


The students' Travel Pass on Government Transport (Subway Trains, electric Busses) is issued by Universities & costs only 5US$ in a month.


The students are given a concession of 40% from the normal price of Ticket in Trains, Buses etc.


The International student Card is issued right after the students get Admission in University. The students with International Student card are given concession of 30% from the normal price of Air Tickets.

Living and Studying in Ukraine

General information:

The population is fifty millions.
Territory 603,700 sq. km
Borders are with Russia, Belarus, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Moldova.
Capital Kyiv (Kiev).
The territorial divisions are 24 regions.
State language is Ukrainian, Russian language is widely spoken.

Ukraine is a president / parliamentary republic with the authority divided between The President (Head of the executive power), Verkhovna Rada (Legislative power, Parliament) and court system. Political life is characterized by a great number of political parties. The main law is Constitution adopted in 1997.


Review of History: history of ukraineFirst known societies that inhibited the territory of Ukraine, dated 3 century B.C. had developed agriculture. First state unions were established in 1st century B.C. Tribal unions of Slavs of forest-steppe area started to cultivate lands in Dnieper river bed, one of the longest rivers of Eastern Europe, in the 1st century A.D.

By the last quarter of the 9th century the ancient Rus state had been formed with the centre in Kyiv and under the leadership of Rurikovitch dynasty.

Between the two centuries 10-11 Kiev Rus experienced a great development of culture, arts and written languages.

At the end of the 12th century Kiev Rus was split into many small reign areas. As the result the process of the development of education and written language was impeded.

Further development of Ukrainian lands was connected with the history of other countries and made influence on their culture and education. On the other hand, European traditions in education influenced the process of establishment of the first higher school in Kyiv in 1632 Collegium and Lviv University, founded in 1661. Kyiv professors were among the most respected scholars. Many of them were invited to Moscow and Zagorsk and other scientific centers of Russian empire.

The 19th century was marked by the establishment of several universities, that Ukrainian education took pride in. In 1805 a university in Kharkiv was founded (Eastern Ukraine), 1834 in Kyiv, and in 1865 in Odessa. Rapid development of industry, agriculture and trade in Ukraine promoted the system of higher education. Technical and agricultural universities started to appear. Scientific researches were among priorities. The language of education was Russian.

To get education in Ukrainian language became possible only in twenties of the 20th century. The programme of liquidation of mass illiteracy that took place at the period made the education more democratic and accessible.

During the Soviet Union times Ukraine was one of the most developed countries. Its economy demanded a great number of highly qualified specialists for implementation scientific researches results into industry. These demands were met due to a big number of universities and institutes. Ukrainian scientists were the authors of new achievements in the area of air-space technologies, welding, IT, etc.

Studing in UkraineSuccess in Ukrainian education drew attention of foreign students. Since 1940 Ukrainian Universities are teaching foreigners. Nowadays, Ukrainian graduates take leading positions in foreign companies including Asia, Africa and Latin America. You can see them among state officers, doctors, engineers.

The end of world confrontation and establishment of Ukraine as an independent state opened new perspectives for Ukrainian education and its integration into the academic world.

Nineties are characterized by deep changes in the national system of education. The changes in structure and content of education started as the result of the development of new marketing relations. Labor market demanded new skill standards. Management, marketing, law, financing and computer engineering were among priorities. At the same time with the state sector private institutions had started to be developed.

Foreign languages such as English, German, French, Spain were the main part of the curriculum, that built favourable conditions for successful preparation to International Language exams. Ukrainian universities take an active part in work of European educational bodies as well as European Association of International Education. Ukraine was one of the countries that signed the convention on the Recognition of Qualifications Concerning Higher Education in Europe (Lisbon, 1997).

In 1999 the Parliament of Ukraine ratified the convention. Bilateral cooperation between Ukrainian and foreign universities is intensively developed. Ukrainian universities are active participants of the European Union Program TEMPUS. Nowadays, popularity of higher education is growing.


System of Education The system of education provides good quality and is well developed. One of the most important tasks for central and local authorities is to give equal possibilities in getting top quality education for all citizens of Ukraine. The table on page 9 represents the structure of education.

In the area of education and upbringing are involved 7% of Ukrainian professionals who teach 11 million students (22% of the population).

There are 18400 institutions for pre-school preparation. According to the Constitution secondary school takes the central part in the system and is free and quite accessible. 7 mln. students attend 21900 schools. Private sector in secondary education is insignificant. Totally, there are 200 private schools (1% of all the amount of students).

Transition of secondary school from 10 (11) to 12 level system, according to European standards, is taking place now. Moreover, there is no difference in content of Ukrainian (post-soviet) secondary education from standards of secondary school of other European countries.

You can take vocational education in 1003 technical institutions (utchilische) on the base of lower secondary education and upper secondary education. In Ukrainian system of Education College of Further Education (tekhnikum) refers to the lower part of higher education.

Higher Education Having more than 1 million, student institutions of higher education in Ukraine form a system which considers to be one of the biggest in the world. In Ukraine you can get higher education in universities (academies, institutes) accredited on 3-4th level. After 4 years of studying you can get Bachelor degree, 5 years is for specialists, five and a half or 6 years Masters Degree. Among all the enumerated degrees Specialist is the most popular.

You become a student of a university according the results of entrance exams in July August. The academic year beginning on the 1st of September lasts up to the end of July and consists of two terms. All the students go on holidays between two terms: the first term (September - January) and the second one (February - June). Summer holidays last for two months. At the end of each term the student takes 3 or 5 examinations and 3 or 5 tests. Successful pass of examinations and tests guarantees the possibility of getting to the second term. Students have classes everyday but for weekends. They attend lectures, tutorials, work with materials in libraries and resource centers.

Higher education course includes work placement, when students have the possibility to gain experience. Recognition of qualification gained is the priority of the state. In case of successful graduation of a university students get the

Diploma no matter what form of property it refers to. The transcript of the subject list with marks is attached to the Diploma. Although the state guarantees the conformity to standards of qualification, the employer takes into consideration how authoritative the university is.Today, you can get the education in 313 universities, academies and institutes of Ukraine of 3-4th level of accreditation. Among them there are 220 state institutions, 93- non state. 54,9 % of state universities students get free education.

International Students

International students

International students get their higher education in universities, academies and institutes that are not only accredited, but also have a special license to teach foreign students. All the universities from this Guide possess the license. The Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine controls the quality of educational services done to foreign students.

International students start their studying with foundation year.

It includes a course of Ukrainian (Russian) language and some of the comprehensive subjects according to the future profession. Further education is continuing together with Ukrainian students. ( English medium is also available however)

Accommodation International students live in university hostels. There are various types of hostels. It is also possible to live in Ukrainian families or to rent a flat.

Currency National currency is Hryvnia (UHR). 1 USD = 7.9 Hryvnia (05/09/2010)
You can change foreign currency in banks, kiosks, in the international airport. In the airport the currency rate is the same as in other places.
Payment for purchasing and services is done in hryvnias. Nevertheless, some companies take payments in USD.

You can use credit cards of international payment systems. They can be used in many of the shops, hotels, transport companies, clubs and restaurants. In cities the net of exchange machines is well developed including the most popular among students that of Privat Bank, Ukrsib Bank, Real Bank and AVAL bank. These bank are often used to open the account for international students.

In these Banks you can save money both in foreign currency and Ukrainian hryvnia. Branches of these banks are situated in all regions of the country. It makes it easier to transfer money through the Western Union, Money Gram and many more local money transfer systems.


  • New Year 1st of January
  • Orthodox Christmas 7th of January
  • International Women Day 8th of March
  • Orthodox Easter
  • Labor Day 1st of May
  • Victory Day 9th of May
  • Trinity Sunday
  • Constitution Day 28th of June
  • Day of Independence 24th of August

Communications UKRTELECOM Company, the sponsor of the Guide, provides excellent telephone communications both in Ukraine and all over the world.

Most of the universities provide access to Internet for their students. There are also a lot of Internet- cafes.
You can use services of fast mail, represented by DHL, ARAMEX, TNT and other companies.

Medical Service Most of the State Universities provide free medical service in students' hospitals. Students can also go to state and private hospitals, where medical service is to be paid. Service of the ambulance is free.

Climate Climate is mostly continental. The average temperature in January is -5 - 1C, in November +10C, in July +30-35C.

Transport The international airport of Borispol is the air gate of the country, 36 km from Kiev. To get from the airport to Kiev you can take a taxi, shuttle-bus, bus. You can also order pick up service in the university.

Besides Borispol airport you can take international flights from Simferopol, Odessa, Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk. International railway connections are with Bulgaria, Czech, Slovak, Germany and Poland. International bus routes are from Poland, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, and Germany by ship you can get from Turkey.

Ukraine has a well developed transportation system. So there will no problems to get to any part of the country. You can travel all over the country by train or bus. The fare for distance 500 km is about US$12-15. Tickets on train you can buy in advance either at the railway station or in the city. On the day of departure a ticket can be bought on the station only.

For air travel within the country you can buy tickets from the local companies. Flight cost at distance 500 km is about US$70. Local transport includes buses, trolleybuses, trams, taxis. The fare is US$0.15. You can buy tickets from the conductor or in yellow kiosks at stops. The fare for taxi is $US1.5 + US$0.20 per 1 km.

In Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk you can take SUBWAY, paying at the entrance a ticket of US$0.12 (without time and destination limits).
During warm period a water transport is quite comfortable: on the Dnieper river or by the Black sea.

Electricity Electricity is free in all University hostels in Ukraine. The standard electrical currency throughout Ukraine is 220 volts.
Some outlets operate on 127 volts, but these are very rare. You may need a converter as well as an Eastern European plug adapter if you are bringing electrical appliances. You should be aware that there are frequent power surges, and other irregularities in the electrical supply. You may want to consider brining a surge protector.

Food Ukraine is a big agricultural country with different cooking traditions.
Different food can be bought in shops, supermarkets, agricultural markets. Cafeterias, restaurants and fast food restaurants propose different cuisine. Indian and Pakistani mess is available.

About Ukraine

Rich of culture and history, with amazing architectural sites and a landscape ideal for trekking, Ukraine is a wonderful place to spend your abroad studies. You will receive a real high quality education  supported by tha fact that Ukraine actually produces the fourth largest number of post-secondary graduates in Europe.

UkraineUkraine welcomes you to a country spiring of culure and gastronomic specialties. Quality higher education and postgraduate studies alongside skiing slopes, wild rivers, vast mountains and great plains of colored by golden grass. Combining your education with the adventures of a lifetime, Ukraine will give you experiences to remember for a very long time.


Ukraine Quick FactsUkraine Quick Facts

  • Ukraine is situated i Eastern Europe.
  • It is the 44th largest country in the world.
  • The capital of Ukraine is Kiev (Kyiv).
  • Ukraine has a total population of over 46 million.
  • The currency is called Hryvnia (UAH).
  • Ukranian is the official language.

The Ukranian Educational System

Generel secondary education in Ukraine is compulsory for all children through state schools. Since 2005 secondary schools lasts for 12 years, starting at age six. By the end of secondary school all Ukranian students take IGT´s (Independent Government Tests), these are then used to apply for a higher education program or course at a university or such.

Higher Education in Ukraine

Free, state funded higher education is provided on a competative basis as well as private non-funded higher education. The language of tuition is generally Ukrainian or Russian.

Ukrainian Universities offer both Bachelor Degree programs of 4 years and Master Degree programs of 5-6 years. These degrees are both taught and awarded in accordance with the Bologna process, in which Ukraine is taking part.

The grading scale used in Ukrainian universities reaches from 1-5, 5 meaning "excellent" and 1-2 meaning "unacceptable", hence a failing grade. This 5-point scale is used along with a scale from 1-100 in which a students performance is rated, the latter is easily transferrable to the 5-point-scale.

Postgraduate Studies in Ukraine

In entering Postgraduate studies there are two levels. The Kandidat Nauk is the first one, roughly equivalent to a Ph.D. degree, to acheive it students must pass three qualifying exams, publish at least three scientific articles and write a dissertation and defend it.

The second level is the Doctor Nauk degree achieved after studying for a further 2-4 years with good results in scientific research and publishings. The average time though between obtaining Kandidat or Doctor degrees is around 10 years and most Doctors are over 40 years of age.


Ukrainian Adventures

Ukrainian AdventuresThe many adventures luring all around Ukraine are well worth taking a short break from you studies. Offered to you is everythign from skiing and river rafting to cave exploration and mountain trekking.

Skiing in Ukraine is fairly inexpensive and there are various runs steeps to choose from in the popular ski resorts of Bukovel, Dragobrat and Slavsko. if you are an experienced skier looking for something extra you can simply not miss out on the chance of an organized skiing tour or camp. These tours are similar to hiking trips taking you to some of the best skiing sites inUkraine, places you would never have found without a giude.

Rafting is another adventurous sport highly appreciated in Ukraine. The most well known river is South Bug River, known all over the world for its ecxellent rapids and stunning beauty. Sitting on the side of an inflatable raft you will swish through the Ukranian rivers filled with adrenalin, leaving with an experience of a lifetime.

Trekking in Ukraine

The plain Ukranian "steppe" accompanied by the Carpathian Mountains to the west and the Crimean Mountains to the south makes for a great trekking ground. Many companies offer costum or even guided hiking routes reaching from a day to over a weeks time, these might be a good idea if you are totally new to Ukraine and want to go directly to the greatest spots.

However, if you are really keen on adventure it is no problem getting out on your own, just don't expect any luxury treatment or resort-like facilities on your way. Rather you can most likely expect to camp during overnight hikes or if you are lucky, you will find space in one of the log cabins that dot the mountain sides. Making it well worth it is the stunning sight of the mountains rising up through the Ukranian clouds.

Aside from the stunning landscape you will most certainly come across a wide range of wildlife and maybe even stumble across a few rural villages. The best seasons for trekking in Ukraine are May-June and September-October, it will be a real life adventure that you will never forget.

If river rafting, skiing and trekking is not your cup of tea, Ukraine also offers paragliding, horseback riding and rock-climbing, and much more, whatever suits your needs.

Architecture of Ukraine

Architecture in UkraineGood examples of modern Ukrainian architecture include the reconstruction of the Maidan Nezalezhnosti in central Kiev, despite the limit set by narrow space within the plaza, the engineers were able to blend together the uneven landscape and also use underground space to set a new shopping centre. Marking it from a far is the Monument of Independence on a high white pole in the  middle of the square.

Another one is the major project that will take up most of the 21st century, the construction of the Kiev City-Centre on the Rybalskyi Peninsula. When it is finished it will include a dense skyscraper park amid the picturesque landscape of the Dnieper.

Ukranian Traditions & Customs

Ukranian culture in general is to a large extent based on cristian customs and has over time been heavily influenced by Russia. Ukranians are generally very polite; Men hold the door open for a woman and stands up when she enters a room, if you are a woman reaching one of the more rural areas of Ukraineyou might even experience the traditional kiss on your hand. If you aim to meet these high standards of politeness, here are some things to remember: Always buy an odd number of flowers as a gift unless it is a funeral, in which case an even number is more appropriate. A young unmarried man and woman should never be seated at a corner table. An you may not chake hands when standing at a threshold.

ukraine_31The strong traditions of Ukraine also include dancing; More specifically the Kalyna and other regional dance styles. Dressed in colorful embroided costumes both men and women participate in the traditional dances, some fast and som slow greeting dances.

Ukranian Cuisine

Food in ukraineFood has a significant role in Ukranian culture, especially on cristmas and easter which are the two important holidays. The food made on chistmas and easter is not made at any other time of the year. At christmas a twelve-course meal is served and dinner is never quiet but a lively social affair.

The average Ukranians diet includes fish, cheeses and a variety of sausages like the "kolbasa". Bread is always an important part of the meal. Some of the best known Ukranian dishes are: Salo (salted pork fat with garlic), Borshch (a cabbage and tomatoes based soup, usually with beets and beef or pork meat), Holubtsi (cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and meat usually), Varenyky (large stuffed dumplings, filled with meat or fruit or curds), Pampushky (small baked breads, often with garlic), Okroshka (cold vegetable based soup where liquid is mixed with sour creme).

Even though it is not even eaten but just for decoration, one must not forget to mention the traditional Ukranian easter egg; "pysanky". This particular egg has long roots in the country, dyed in various patterns and used as a decoration in the middle of the table during easter. In 2000, the museum of Pysanka was built in the city of Kolomya, a place well worth a visit during your time in Ukraine.

Some Major Advantages of Studying in Ukraine

why study in ukraine

  • Quality Education
  • Globally Recognized Courses (Europe, UK, USA, Asia, Africa)
  • Medical degree recognized by WHO, UNESCO, PLAB(UK), USMLE(USA), throughout EU and Various International Organization
  • No Entry Test
  • No IELTS or TOEFL required
  • Tuition fee paid on arrival
  • Cost effective
  • European Life Standard
  • Worldwide Acceptance of Ukrainian Method of Teaching
  • English Medium of Instruction
  • Better Job Prospects
  • Emphasis on Practical Aspects in Teaching
  • Moderate Climate around the year
  • Outstanding International Faculty
  • One of the Best Transportation systems in Europe
  • International Students enjoy approximately 30%~ 50% discounts on travel
  • Enrichment of Experience through Visiting Professors from USA , CANADA , UK , etc.
  • Participation of Students in Seminars/Symposia/Project Work, etc. in other European cities
  • Bilateral Student Exchange Program with Universities in Germany , Sweden , Finland , Check Republic , etc.
  • Three Months' Summer Jobs during vacation in countries i.e. U.K. , SWEDEN and other E.U. countries
  • Chances of Permanent Residence & Settlement in Europe after completion of study program
  • 100% VISA assured to deserving candidates


Admission 2016

Dear Prospective Students!

Warm Greetings from Star Education Consult Ukraine LLC.

We are pleased to announce that we are issuing "Invitation Letters for Study" for 2016 academic year already.  The Invitation Letter is the major document to if you are going to study in Ukraine. Invitation Letter looks like as follow. It contains applicant's full name, passport number, date of birth, the course/ name and the complete name of the University. 

Propective students who are interested to study in Ukraine universities in 2016 academic year must send their documents' scans to us now. We'll issue and deliver the original of your Invitation letter from your chosen or a recommended university by us within one week using DHL.

Star Education Consult Ukraine LLC is authorized to enroll students from all over the world, and licensed directly from Ministry of Education, Ukraine to deal with all Ukrianian Universities.

Kindly put "2015 Academic year Admission" in the subject of email.

If you want to apply NOW


Just forward the high quality clear scanned copies of following documents, to the emails given at the bottom of this page.

  • Filled Application Form (with valid permanent/ current postal address and telephone numbers)
  • International Passport, the page with picture and data on it (travelling document)
  • Educational Documents available ( Certificate of O level/A level /SSCE/ HSSCE/Bachelor/Master’s )
Invitation Letter fee FREE
Courier charges 100USD

100USD (Bank transaction, western union or money gram services paid my sender )

compulsory upfront one time payment


  • Filled Application Form (with valid permanent/ current postal address and telephone numbers)
  • International Passport, the page with picture and data on it (travelling document)
  • Certificate or Diploma of completion of undergraduate education  or Masters leve education
  • Academic transcripts
Invitation Letter fee 350USD
Courier charges 50USD
Bank transaction fee 25USD = 425USD


Foreign Student's Admission Department
Star Education Consult Ukraine LLC.
Whatsapp and Viber: +380 67 8963521
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